Friday, 29 March 2013

Frustrated Because The Scale is Telling You That You're Not Losing Weight?

Sometimes I hate the scale. 

Sometimes I think the scale hates me even worse.

I work my ass off, and yet when I get up in the morning and jump on it--the numbers don't move!

Talk about frustrating!

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Addressing the Whole ViSalus Scam

Let's Talk about the ViSalus Scam

visalus scam
There are hundreds if not millions of weight loss programs out there, and I'm sure every one has been called a scam at some point, including the ViSalus Scam.  Heck, I bet even eating right and exercising has been called a scam by someone!

Here's the deal.  Some are scams.  Some are not.  Often we hear the name "scam" from competitors who get into the whole "mine is better than yours" mentality, and proclaim to the world that the other guys' stuff is pure garbage without really even knowing what is in the products to begin with.

So, I'll be honest.  For about a year and a half I was a ViSalus promoter.  Yeah, I said the dreaded "V" word.  After a while I decided to switch teams and move to Beachbody, and have not regretted my move one bit.  Does that mean that I think ViSalus products are crap?  Absolutely not.  I have friends and family who have had success with the Vi-Shakes, so I cannot discredit their success.